How to get WWE 2k24 Myrise Unlockables?

In addition, five Superstars are exclusively unlockable through MyRISE Mode only.

WWE 2K23 has 87 unlockable Superstars available through gameplay and the in-game store. The John Cena Showcase Mode offers exclusive rewards.

How to unlock superstars in WWE 2k24?

To unlock all five Superstars in WWE 2K23, players must complete both Mods. Completing both mods also unlocks 14 Arenas, and lots of Create a Superstar gear.

WWE 2k24 myrise unlockables 

Ezekiel:To unlock Ezekiel, finish "Showcase of the Immorals" Storyline in The Lock. To start, build your faction in the story.

Jean-Paul Levesque:

To Unlock Jean-Paul Levesque: Finish "The Monarchy" after responding to Tavish's DM post after completing "Uncaged Indies".

Mighty Molly:

To unlock Molly: Finish "A Mighty Insult" after responding to The Hurricane's DM post "The Face of the Company" in The Legacy.

Molly Holly:

Players can unlock Molly Holly by completing The Legacy.