How to get samples & what they do in Helldivers 2

Samples are an important resource you’ll need to collect in Helldivers 2, so here’s exactly how to get samples in the Arrowhead Game Studios

About Helldivers

Helldivers 2 is the highly anticipated follow-up to Helldivers, the beloved top-down co-op shooter from Arrowhead Game Studios.

Throughout Helldivers 2 you’ll be exploring various planets and defeating all kinds of enemies as you take on Galactic War missions

How to get samples in Helldivers 2

You can get samples in Helldivers 2 by picking them up during missions or by completing main and side objectives in the game.

Once you’ve landed in a mission area, be sure to take a good look around and explore the map as much as you can

What are samples for in Helldivers 2?

Samples are used to purchase upgrades for ship modules in the game, such as an expanded weapons bay for the ship’s hanger or adding more guns to your orbital canons.

You’ll have to invest quite a lot of samples per upgrade so it’s worth searching for the resource