How to get Rotom in Pokemon GO, and can it be shiny?

About Rotom

Rotom in Pokemon GO is one of the most captivating critters out there. Although primarily an Electric- and Ghost-type Pocket Monster

Dissimilar to  most Pocket Monsters, Rotom cannot be encountered in the wild, in Eggs, or via raids in Niantic's mobile game.

Use this code "0HY0UF0UNDM3." and you have to catch 30 Pocket Monsters .

How to get Regular Rotom in Pokemon GO

What will be te reward after completing task?

10 Rotom Candy, 479 Stardust, 479 Experience Points, and an encounter with Regular Rotom.

Can Regular Rotom be shiny in Pokemon GO?

According to the official announcement, Shiny Regular Rotom can be seen by completing the Ghost in the Machine Special Research.

The chances of this happening will be around 1-in-64