How To Get PS Plus Fortnite Skin? Easily

Fortnite and PlayStation team up to offer players fresh outfits and cosmetics, adding style to their battles as they aim for the Victory Royale.

Where can we purchase this pack?

Fortnite and PlayStation join forces for the exclusive Blazin' Wheels Pack, available only to PlayStation Plus members on PS4 or PS5.

Getting free stylish outfits in Fortnite is always a win. They make a strong impression without costing a dime.

How to get PS plus fortnite skin

How To Get The Blazin' Wheels Pack

1. Find Fortnite in the Games category of your platform's store. 2. Navigate to the Add-Ons section. 3. Look for the Blazin' Wheels Pack, which should have a price of $0.00.

4. Click on the price and accept the purchase. 5. Restart Fortnite. 6. The purchased items should automatically be added to your account.

What Does The Blazin' Wheels Pack Come With?

– Lina Scorch (Outfit) – Lina Scorch (LEGO Style) – Gas Up (Back Bling)