How to get Overwatch One Punch Man Skins? The easiest way

The champions of Overwatch 2 are exhibiting their fondness for shonen in a collaborative event with ONE's One-Punch Man series.

The Heroes Getting Their Geek On

Overwatch 2's Doomfist and One-Punch Man's Saitama, despite their differences, are both renowned for their powerful fists.

Just like in the manga, it wouldn't be as exciting with just Saitama. Genji pays tribute to his cyborg-ninja ally Genos, Saitama's eager apprentice.

How To Unlock One Punch Man Skins?

Blizzard isn't hesitant to ask players to shell out a considerable amount for flashy new cosmetics, and the pricing for this event is no different.

By default, Blizzard is asking: 

– Saitama skin alone: 1900 coin – Saitama item set: 3500 coin – Terrible Tornado skin alone: 1900 coin

Bundle Early And Save

– Saitama item set: 2500 coin – Terrible Tornado item set: 2100 coin – Genos item set: 1900 coin