How to get more battle tokens easily?

Battle Pass tokens serve as the in-game currency that grants players greater autonomy over their rewards in this first-person shooter video game.

Battle pass tokens

What Is The Best Way To Get Battle Pass Tokens In MW2?

Players can acquire Battle Pass Tokens by accruing XP, or alternatively, they can procure them – with each Battle Pass token priced at 150 COD points.

– Killing enemies in game mode – Completing Daily Challenge – Using Double XP Token – Completing the campaign mode

How To Get Battle Pass Tokens Fast in MW2 Season 3

Invasion mode: Large scale battles with plenty of opportunities to rack up kills as it contains AI player – Ground War: Large scale battles that just have players and no AI

DMZ: Again, AI and player-focused arenas giving you plenty of opportunities for kill – Warzone: Large scale multiplayer combat with 150 players across multiple platform

What Is The Fastest Way To Level Up Battle Pass in MW2?

DMZ mode in MW2 is the quickest way to earn Battle Pass Tokens, with matches typically lasting 30 to 40 minutes.

What Is The Fastest Way To Get Battle Pass Tokens in MW2?

– Head to the Battle Pass menu in the game – Click ‘Buy Tokens’ – Opt for the Battle Pass bundle, which gives you 20 Tokens and is a better deal than a single token