How to get Gatekeeper Shotgun Fortnite? Easily

In Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, bosses are summoned rather than roaming freely on the island. Players need to summon them to fight and get their loot.

Cerberus's Altar Location

To get Cerberus's mythical loot in Fortnite, players need to find his Altar first to summon the Olympian Boss.

Cerberus's Altar is in the southeastern area of Grim Gate, a small named location south of The Underworld in Fortnite.

How to Beat Cerberu

Before Cerberus appears, players must defeat two packs of wolves in Fortnite.

Cerberus will shoot his powerful Gatekeeper Shotgun at nearby players to stop them from entering The Underworld in Fortnite.

Cerberus Boss Reward

Cerberus drops unique loot: the Aspect of Agility medallion and a Mythic rarity Gatekeeper Shotgun, which cannot be obtained elsewhere in Fortnite.