How to Get Distant Horizons Mod For Minecraft? Easily

Bad optimization and short render distances have been stopping Minecraft from reaching its full building potential.

Distant horizons mod 

Because of this, buildings far away are tough to justify because they can't be seen from a distance.

Steps to try Minecraft's Distant Horizons mod 1) Open a game launcher

You can download the Minecraft Distant Horizons Mod from both CurseForge and Modrinth.

2) Set up a personal modded profile

Make a profile for the Distant Horizons mod on CurseForge by clicking "Create Custom Profile".

3) Install the mod

After creating the profile, you need to install the Distant Horizons mod. CurseForge users should click the puzzle piece icon to access the Content Browser.

From here -

Just search for the mod and click the install button.