How to Get Coconut in Skull and Bones

All about Skull and Bones

In Ubisoft's long-awaited action-adventure game, you will plunder, pillage, and loot your way to an unforeseen level of pirate infamy.

You may want to know how to find and harvest coconuts.

One of the most versatile resources you'll find is Skull and Bones is the coconut. which has uses that go beyond being a delicious island fruit.

How to Find Coconut in Skull and Bone

Before you go harvesting the iconic island fruits, you will first need to know how to locate them.

To find coconut, simply open the game's map and look for the red-purple symbol resembling two halves of a coconut that has been cracked open.

If you don't feel like sailing to the spawning area, you can alternatively fast travel to another island

How to Harvest Coconut in Skull and Bone

Harvesting the many resources in Skull and Bones generally follows the same process across all collectible consumables, and acquiring coconuts is no different.

To harvest coconuts, sail your ship next to a coconut tree and press the indicated button.

Once the mini-game commences, you will be tasked with pressing another indicated button as the icon passes over the yellow and green zones.

You can harvest the fruit if you press the button in both zones. If you miss both zones, your harvest will come to an sudden end.