How to Defeat the Barbaric Beast Wheel in Persona 3 Reload

Where do Different Shadows reside in persona 3?

Different Shadows lurk on each floor of Persona 3 Reload's Tartarus.

while most Shadows can be found roaming, powerful Gatekeepers stand guard on certain floors of each block, And Barbaric Beast Wheel is one of them.

How To Use Assist In Battle

In your fight against the Barbaric Beast Wheel on floor 11, Mitsuru will teach you another feature you can use: Assist.

Using the Assist feature will allow Mitsuru to recommend the best move to make for a turn.(depends on the information you have on the Shadows you're facing. )

To defeat the Barbaric Beast Wheel, you should first deal with the two Magic Hands.

How To Defeat The Barbaric Beast Wheel

Using Assist will show you that the Magic Hands are weak against fire damage.You can use a fire attack, like Agi to get an upper hand in the fight.

Keep targeting each Shadow's weaknesses, and try to make sure you're knocking them down at the same time.Then use All-Out attack, and this can take out multiple targets at a time.