How to change armor color in Helldivers 2

Players have been wondering how to alter armor color in Helldivers 2. Released on February 8, 2024

How can you alter the armor color in Helldivers 2?

1. Access the Armory table, and fine tabs like Weaponry, Armory, Character, Booster, and Career appear.

2. Go to the Armory tab and select the piece of gear where you want to change armor color in Helldivers 2.

3. Here, different gear pieces with different color schemes and attributes can be found. Equip the ones that suit the needs of your color palette.

The color of their armor can only be changed by swapping the gear piece as a whole.

4.  Finally, hit the equip button below to save the changes to your Helldiver armor, helmet, and cape.

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