How To Build An Oath Of The Ancients Paladin in Dungeons & Dragons

All about Oath Of The Ancients Paladin.

Oath of the Ancients offers a vastly different way of playing paladin to the other subclasses offered in Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

The Paladin has a strong toolkit that is dependent on carefully balancing the need for a high charisma alongside the ability score of your weapon.

What are the Best Ability Scores For An Oath Of The Ancients Paladin

Ancients Paladins are better equipped than other subclasses to support the use of dexterity weapons, but personal preference may lead you to favouring strength.

How To Fight As An Oath Of The Ancients Paladin

There are a few different ways that you can utilise this, and they'll differ from the more aggressive playstyle of subclasses .

Position -Back of the group

Staying at the back of your group lets you defend adjacent casters. You can use entangling strike and other spells that imitate divine smite with a ranged weapon.

Best Spells For An Oath Of The Ancients Paladin

1.Command: Force a target to obey a single word order.  2.Aid : Grant five hitpoints to up to three allies.