How to Become an Oathbreaker Paladin in Baldur's Gate III

Breaking your sworn Oath as a Paladin has consequences in Baldur’s Gate 3, but it also allows you to choose a hidden subclass called the Oathbreaker.

Paladin Oaths and Tenet

Paladins are holy warriors bound to sacred oaths. At character creation, you will be able to choose

You fight on the side of light in the cosmic struggle against darkness to preserve the sanctity of life.

Oath of the Ancients

Oath of Devotion

Following the ideal of the knight in shining armour, you act with honour and virtue to protect the weak

Oath of the Ancients Tenet

– Kindle the Light. Through acts of kindness, enkindle the light of hope in the bleakest hollows of despair.

– Shelter the Light. Where love blooms, stand against the devilry that would snip its stem.

– Preserve Your Own Light. Delight in culture and small joys to preserve the light in your own heart.

Oath of Devotion Tenet

– Courage. Stride dauntlessly into action. – Compassion. Show clemency when prudent, and lend your arm to those in need.