How to Beat the Priestess (Monorail Boss) in Persona 3 Reload

On each full moon of the year, a powerful Shadow will threaten the city, and if you can't defeat them, it's game over.

Who will warn us for our fist real boss fight?

For the first real boss fight of Persona 3 Reload, the mysterious boy will warn the main character a week in advance.

The first fight is against two Spurious Books, and the second fight has two Spurious Books and one Heat Balance.

Who will we fight in our fist and second fight ?

You'll eventually catch up with Junpei, who's facing three enemies. Combat will begin with Junpei back on the team

The Priestess Boss

As the fight begins, Mitsuru will mention that you have 30 real-time minutes until the monorail train crashes into the other train on the track.

The first thing to know is that, as a true boss enemy, the Priestess has no weaknesses. Even a Critical hit won't knock her down.

If you keep up the pressure, the Priestess should spend most of her turns on Summon and Invitation to Chaos. Keeping her in this loop

you can beat her in under four minutes even if you spend some of that time destroying her Tiaras.