How Fortnite skills can catch pals demonstrated by Palworld player

One player shared a video of them defeating the level 45 Jormuntide with tactics similar used in Fortnite

Fortnite and Palworld are both games that soared in popularity

Fortnite is a battle royale, and thrives on player versus player combat

What did the player do to shock everyone?

one player utilize Fortnite strategies to take down a difficult Palworld boss.

Palworld player Fortnite “box fights” Jormuntide

One player shared the “unique” strategy that they used to defeat the level 45 boss Jormuntide

What trick did he use?

The video showed the player using wooden walls and a roof to create a box, similar to how the top players in Fortnite fight

If Pocketpair does decide to integrate PvP into the game, Dexerto will be sure to keep players updated with the best tactics

You can beat all your friends – and maybe even catch their Pals with a Radar Sphere.