How FFXIV Fashion Report works and unlock guide.

FFXIV fashion report 

The Fashion Report is your chance to win prizes by dressing in outrageous glamours. Each week, a theme is set, clues are given, and you compete to score points with your creative attire.

How to unlock Fashion Report

To unlock the Fashion Report, find Lewena in the Gold Saucer, accept her quest Passion for Fashion, and talk to Masked Rose to complete it.

Weekly Fashion Report reset

To get clues for the Fashion Report, talk to Masked Rose on a Tuesday. Judging starts on Friday and ends with the new theme on Tuesday. The reset happens at a specific time each week.

How to score 100 points every week in FFXIV

Fortunately, for those struggling with Masked Rose's cryptic clues, helpful members of the FFXIV community offer reliable guides for scoring a guaranteed 100 points weekly.

Goodies you can buy

Beside Masked Rose stands Kasumi, who runs a boutique offering various items from dyes to glamour pieces. The best part? You can purchase these items with Gil instead of MGP.