Horizon Forbidden West PC Debut: Complete Edition Launch

Release date confirmed for PC.

On March 21, you’ll be able to explore the Forbidden West, battle awe-inspiring machines and encounter new tribes.

What does this Pc edition consists of ?

This Complete Edition includes the Burning Shores expansion, which continues Aloy’s journey and takes players to a treacherous volcanic archipelago.

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition on PC features unlocked frame rates, customizable graphics settings and a broad range of performance-enhancing technologies .

AMD FSR and Intel XeSS are also supported. For players with high-end hardware and extra headroom, image-enhancing NVIDIA DLAA is also available.

In the world of Horizon, you will discover a variety of highly detailed environments, including lush forests, sunken cities, vast deserts and impressive mountain ranges.

Important details:  Gameplay is supported in 21:9 ultra-wide, 32:9 super ultra-wide and even 48:9 resolutions with compatibility for triple-monitor setups.

The game also features extensive controller support, including Steam Input support for remapping and customization of your peripheral of choice to your preferences.