Heroes of the Storm Receives Major PTR Update

Blizzard rolls out PTR update for Heroes of the Storm with hero tweaks, Same Hero Mode additions, balance adjustments, bug fixes, and enhancements.

HotS PTR Update

"Heroes of the Storm" is a Blizzard MOBA game where players control iconic heroes from Warcraft, Diablo, and StarCraft, battling in dynamic team-based matches.

Heroes of the Storm : what is it all about?

In "Heroes of the Storm," unique hero abilities drive strategic team-based battles, appealing to casual and competitive players alike.

In the latest Heroes of the Storm PTR update, Varian is now classified as a Tank, highlighting his battlefield role. Also, Same Hero Mode welcomes Artanis, Hogger, Whitemane, and Zarya

What's new in the update?

However, Nova and Probius removed from Same Hero Mode. Update includes balance changes, like improving Arthas's health and abilities.

Hogger sees tweaks to rage decay, talent effects, and skill cooldowns for a refined gameplay experience.

Junkrat, Rehgar, Yrel, and Alarak receive focused adjustments to improve their performance and maintain game balance.

Like the November update, this one includes bug fixes for ability interactions, visual effects, and UI enhancements, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience in Heroes of the Storm.

Join PTR: Does Your Feedback Matters ?

To experience the update firsthand, players can access the Heroes of the Storm PTR. Developers welcome feedback to refine the game before the changes are implemented for all.

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