Helldivers 2: Tracking and Killing Shriekers Like a Pro

Helldivers 2 got a new update with a scary addition: Shriekers. These are flying bugs causing trouble in the skies of planets under Terminid control. Watch out for them!

Taking down Shriekers in Helldivers 2 isn't a walk in the park. Here's how to tackle them

In Helldivers 2, Shriekers lurk in Shrieker Nests, which look like clusters of large mushrooms. Keep an eye out for these nests to locate and confront the Shriekers. 

How to Find Shriekers in Helldivers 2

Aim for Shriekers' wing joints or head with any primary weapon in Helldivers 2. Hit their weak spots for a quick takedown in just one or two shots.

How to Destroy Shriekers and Shrieker Nest

To destroy Shrieker Nests in Helldivers 2, deploy a powerful Strategem like an Eagle 500KG Bomb, a Laser Cannon, or an EAT-17 missile.

If you decide to destroy Shrieker Nests in Helldivers 2, we recommend staying 130 meters away when attacking them with stratagems.

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