Helldivers 2: Is the Diligence Counter Sniper Worth the Hype?

The Diligence Counter Sniper upgrade in Helldivers 2 improves usability against Automatons. While not for everyone, it's decent for savvy players.

Is the Diligence Counter Sniper any better?

Post-buff in the 1.000.200 patch, the Diligence CS serves as a credible alternative to the R63 Diligence, trading ammo and ergonomics for increased armor penetration and recoil.

The Diligence CS's medium armor penetration aids against tougher foes like Devastators. Yet, akin to the Liberator Penetrator, precise targeting remains crucial for swift eliminations.

The Diligence CS excels in downing Automaton Scout Striders by targeting leg joints or the driver's seat underside, setting it apart from the standard version.

Diligence CS Tactics

Like its standard counterpart, the Counter Sniper is effective for precision at mid to long range. Focus on Devastators, targeting their weak points or weaponry.

How to Use The Diligence CS

Note that the rifle won't pierce Hulk eye ports. Switch to support weapons like the Anti-Materiel Rifle or EAT-17, or deploy Stratagems against larger targets.

The Diligence CS support kit

With practice, the Diligence CS can efficiently eliminate bot Raiders. Its medium armor penetration ensures shots to the head or chest deal full damage, surpassing the regular Diligence.

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