Helldivers 2 Drops New Ship Upgrades

Helldivers 2 got surprise ship upgrades and a new warbond with a grenade pistol and armor in the latest update from Arrowhead Games.

Helldivers 2 keeps adding new stuff like missions, enemies, and gear. Skilled players now have new ship modules to play with. 

What's new in the latest Helldivers update?

The Superior Packing Methodology in Helldivers 2 increases the capacity of resupply boxes for carrying magazines.

New Helldivers 2 Ship Upgrade – Superior Packing Methodology

Atmospheric Monitoring

The new module Atmospheric Monitoring enhances Orbital HE barrage precision in Helldivers 2 by reducing spread by 15%, a useful addition when fighting the Automatons.

The XXL Weapons Bay, found in the Ship Management menu's Hangar section, adds an extra bomb to Eagle stratagems utilizing multiple bombs in their airstrikes.

XXL Weapons Bay

The Enhanced Combustion module boosts fire damage from related stratagems by 25%. It pairs well with the XXL Weapons Bay, enhancing Eagle's napalm for potent fire effects.

Enhanced Combustion

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