Hades 2 Teases 6 Major God Design Changes

Artemis in "Hades 2" appears in person, unlike other gods who communicate through portraits, indicating her bigger role compared to the first game.

6. Artemis

Zeus in Hades 2 has a more approachable vibe, with subtle design updates like refined details, updated clothing, and a modified color palette.

5. Zeus

– His trident is much more elaborate in its design both in terms of colors and linework. – Poseidon's shawl and/or collar has a lot more intricate patterns on it as well as green frills.

4. Poseidon

– The biggest change is Demeter putting her hair up. Can't have her hair getting in the way during a scuffle. – She has a new crown on, one that's likely also helping to hold her hair up.

3. Demeter

– His hair is a whole lot longer to denote the passage of time. – The winged ornaments that seemed to be keeping his quilt-like cloak afloat before are now just staying in the air around his sleeping face.

2. Hypnos

– For one, the beard, the guy has a glorious beard now (likely fake). – Skelly is finally wearing clothes, though it basically just amounts to a skirt, a cape, and a headband.

1. Skelly And/Or Commander Schelemeus

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