Hack Attack Forces Postponement of Apex Legends Finals

The North American Apex Legends finals got postponed because hackers gave competitors cheats during tournament games, a huge attack on esports.

What did Apex Legends esports X account decided? 

The Apex Legends esports account decided to stop and postpone the event on Sunday, March 17th.

The official statement stopped there, but online clips showed players getting cheats like aimbots and wall hacks during matches.

In one clip, Apex pro Genburten shouted 

I'm getting hacked, I'm getting hacked! as a wall hack revealed every player's location on his screen.

In another clip, player ImperialHal couldn't shoot 

Seemingly due to a hacker activating an aimbot that was later blocked by the game's anti-cheat system.

Measures to take 

Affected players were told to protect their info, change passwords, and reinstall their PC's operating system.