Guide to the Best Larry & Lawrie build in Brawl Stars 2024

Larry and Lawrie build: potential

The optimal Larry and Lawrie build in Brawl Stars boosts the unique skills of the dynamic duo, maximizing the potential of the game's sole sibling team.

Fighting style

Larry and Lawrie deliver a potent mix of explosive firepower and strategic synergy, dominating the battlefield with their dynamic duo dynamics.

What is the best Larry & Lawrie build in Brawl Stars in 2024?

In this Brawl Stars setup, Larry leads with "Ticket Dispenser" for ranged assaults, while Lawrie, matching Larry's health, aggressively pursues and deals devastating blows to enemies.

The best Larry and Lawrie build in Brawl Stars comprises of the following arsenal: 

Gadget - Order: Fall Back-Despite recent nerfs in Brawl Stars' balance changes, "Order: Fall Back" remains the go-to gadget choice for Larry and Lawrie.

Star Power - Protocol: Protect- This star power activates when Lawrie is within 12 tiles of Larry, reducing all damage Larry receives by 30%.

Gears - Damage Gear and Gadget Charge Gear-The Damage Gear increases damage output by 15% when Larry's health falls below half, delivering a crucial offensive boost during intense moments.

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