Guide to the Best Bonnie Build in Brawl Stars 2024

Pick the best combination of gadget, star power, and two gears to make Bonnie dominate in Brawl Stars. It's about finding what works best for your style and the game's current state.

Gadget: Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush has emerged as the primary gadget in the optimal Bonnie build in Brawl Stars.

When activated, Sugar Rush turns Bonnie red and boosts her movement and reload speed by a significant 30% for 5 seconds in Brawl Stars.

Star Power: Black Powder

Black Powder is the preferred star power for the optimal Bonnie build in Brawl Stars.

With Black Powder, Bonnie's cannon form undergoes a remarkable expansion in super range, increasing from 7.33 tiles to an impressive 10 tiles in Brawl Stars.

Gears: Gadget Charge Gear and Damage Gear

Gear selection is crucial for shaping Bonnie's abilities to adapt and thrive in dynamic comeback scenarios in Brawl Stars.

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