Guide to secure your Pre Order for WWE 2K24

What is the launch date of WWE 2K24?

Launching on March 8, 2024, now's the time to secure your copy of the next title in the WWE 2K series.

There are four editions of WWE 2K24 to choose from with a lot more than just the cover art to differentiate them.

1. Standard edition,WWE 2K24 continues the WWE 2K series with Cody Rhodes as its cover star, pre order is available on PS stores,steams etc.

2. Cross-Gen Edition, WWE 2K24's cross-gen edition gets you a copy of the game that can be played on last-gen and current-gen consoles.

Pre order for this edition is available on playstation stores and on X box stores.

3. Deluxe Edition, Pay a little extra and get Not just an alternative cover, but also early access, the season pass etc.

Pre order available for $100 on Ps stores, Xbox games stores or on steam.

4. 40 Years Of WrestleMania Edition, Celebrate the 40th annual WrestleMania in style with this edition, available for pre order on steam, Ps stores etc.