Guide to Finding Seventh Infantry Troops in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

How To Find All the Seventh Infantry Troops in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

1. Several troops are standing by the water in the Main Street City Center of Junon.

3.  Make your way to the Upper Level of Main Street. Specifically, you’ll want to go into Le Sourire to find this group of troops.

2.  On the north end of Larboard Junon, you’ll find more troops willing to help you.

4. Troops at the hotel in the City Center are taking a group photo. They'll ask you to take the picture before getting back to work.

5. In the same building as the troops in the Assembly Room, go to the Briefing Room to recruit them.

6. In the Assembly Room on Main Street's Middle Level, recruit more troops.

7. On Main Street's third-floor Shopping Center, troops inside a store are inspecting relics.

8. Troops are located in Cecilia's of Junon, gathered around a table in the bar, awaiting your arrival.

What Do You Get For Locating Them All?

Finding all the troops earns you the 7th Assemble! trophy, exclusively achievable through this quest.