Guide to Finding Every Elemental Rod in Marvel's Midnight Suns

In Marvel's Midnight Suns, there are elemental rods hidden in the Abbey area. You must find all four to get the next Moon Seal.

Midnight Suns rod location

You can easily find the four elemental rods scattered around the Abbey and its grounds.

Midnight Suns Fire Rod

Fire Rod is easy to find in the south end of the Abbey, in a small room with candles around a podium.

Midnight Suns Water Rod

Outside the Abbey, head west to the Grotto, the relaxation pool area. Follow a narrow rocky path beneath a small footbridge.

Midnight Suns Earth Rod

To get the Earth Rod, go southeast from the Abbey to Hunter's Folly. Open the crypt door with the Open Word of Power.

Midnight Suns Air Rod

To find the Air Rod, go to Agatha's Altar. Look for a narrow stone archway to the right of the steps leading up to the altar.

How to get the second Midnight Suns Moon Seal

Return to the Elemental Altar with all four rods. Place each rod in the corresponding slot on the four plinths facing the altar.

From left to right, place the Water Rod, Air Rod, Earth Rod, and finally the Fire Rod on the plinths. Placing the last one will reveal the second Moon Seal for you to collect.