Gta Mile High Club Location revealed, Check where is Mile High Club

The Mile High Club in GTA V is an ambitious skyscraper project, enticing investors with its blend of commercial and corporate spaces.

Gta mile high club

What Is the Mile High Club in GTA V?

"The Mile High Club in GTA V has become a focal point of intrigue in Los Santos, its construction site sprawling across the expanse of Pillbox Hill."


The building is being constructed amidst the hustle and bustle of the vibrant city of Los Santos. "The Mile High Club in GTA V sits within the bounds of Alta, Power, Vespucci, and Adam's Apple."

Interesting Facts Related to the Building

The Mile High Club site is the second tallest in Los Santos after the Maze Bank Tower. It's also a hotspot for parachute jumps, providing two parachutes for thrill-seekers.

STD Contractors built the Mile High Club.

"The Mile High Club, likely inspired by a hotel building in L.A Live, Los Angeles, was constructed by STD Contractors. Featuring a crane atop, accessible to players via a ladder climb."

Mile High Club Trivia: meaning?

While GTA V's Mile High Club doesn't involve flying, the name alludes to the same hookup culture as its airborne counterpart, referencing the raunchy themes prevalent in the game.

Near the top of the Mile High Club, players can find wooden beams that aren't solid, allowing them to pass through them and uncover hidden shortcuts within the game.