Gta finally enables player to drive train in GTA Online after years.

After 3,811 days since its release, Grand Theft Auto Online now lets players drive the indestructible train in a special mission. It's a long-awaited moment for many fans.

Update release date ?

On March 7, Rockstar Games dropped the newest free update for GTA Online

what is this update all about? 

The latest update, The Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid, in GTA Online connects narratively with previous expansions and heists. Players can now confront corrupt cops and drug dealers in this latest addition.

Despite ongoing requests, the latest update for GTA V and GTA Online, "The Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid," still doesn't include open-world train driving or the ability to spontaneously hijack and drive trains.

While it may not offer open-world train driving, But it does allow players to finally take control of the unstoppable train .

Is train driving as a permanent open-world possible in the near future?

some players are curious if Rockstar would ever allow this or not.But This update seems to imply it might be possible, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.