GTA 6 'Trailer 2' Theories Drive Fans Crazy - What's Rockstar Hiding?

In December 2023, Rockstar Games unveiled the first official trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI. It quickly shattered records, gaining massive views within hours of its release.

When is the GTA VI gameplay trailer expected? 

ToppleToes thinks the GTA VI gameplay trailer might come out in May or June 2025, not February as some might hope.

If GTA VI could be delayed to 2026, we may not see another trailer until fall, or possibly not at all this year. If a trailer drops in the next two months, it's likely coming out in 2025.

Could GTA VI's release be pushed to 2026?

To meet deadlines for Grand Theft Auto VI, Rockstar Games has reinstated mandatory office days, underlining the immense pressure on the company.

GTA 6 PC release date is giving fans The Fear

Fans worry GTA VI might miss its 2025 release, but PC players are especially concerned about a potentially longer wait for the game.

After years of speculation, Rockstar Games released the first official GTA VI trailer in December 2023, quickly breaking records within days.

GTA 6 fans warned of serious issue that could cost you your password

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