GTA 6 map and locations everything expected in the game

Grand Theft Auto 6 is finally official and it will be a great experience for us all.

Developer Rockstar Games has released a 90 sec long trailer, but we’ve traced over every moment to fabricate together as much of GTA 6’s map as we could.

What new explorable regions can we see in gta-6?

1.Vice Dale County, which we can see on the Sheriff's badge in the background of Mega Noticias’ news report on a character based on the Florida Joker.

2. Leonard County, which appears on a police car in the fictional social media clip from PlanetLeonidaMan.

3. Kelly County, which is listed on various road signs.

As Vice City is based on Miami, it’s very likely Vice Dale County is based on Miami-Dade County. which contains of ?

Neon lights, pristine beaches, and flashy cars are just some of the highlights of Vice City, the jewel in the crown of Vice Dale County.

We therefore expect GTA 6 will include fictional versions of Monroe County and Collier County alongside Vice Dale, which include the Everglades-inspired swamp area.