GTA 5 Successfully Running on Nintendo Switch

Modders got GTA 5 running on the Nintendo Switch, marking another platform for Rockstar's 2013 hit that's thrived through three console generations.

Despite its family-friendly image, Nintendo has released M-rated games like GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition on the Switch in 2021.

Nintendo's Mature Games

The December 2023 Rockstar leak revealed there were no plans for a GTA 5 Switch port, but dedicated modders have unofficially brought the game to Nintendo's console.

GTA 5 Unofficially on Switch

The modding group Superstar South Studios posted footage of GTA 5 running on the Nintendo Switch. Previous attempts often crashed before the game loaded.

GTA 5 on Switch :  Footage

The team clarified that the footage is from the Nintendo Switch's handheld mode without overclocking. Superstar South mentioned the choppiness is worse on the recording than on the hardware.

Progress of Superstar South's GTA 5 Switch Port.

Graphics are downgraded with unrefined textures, and the game crashes after a few minutes. Despite this, it's impressive that modders got GTA 5 running on the Switch.

Graphic Adjustments

The unofficial port was made possible by the GTA 5 source code leak in December 2023, enabling modders and hackers to customize the game in new ways.

How did they managed to launch it on nintendo

Since Rockstar didn't bring GTA 5 to the Switch, it's doubtful that the upcoming GTA 6 will be released on Nintendo's console.

Will GTA 6 will be released on Nintendo's console?

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