Gravity Rush 2 Pc and Gravity Rush PS5 Confirmed, Check release date.

Gravity Rush, the whirlwind action-adventure game from Sony's now-shuttered Japan Studio.Also Gravity Rush 2 Remastered might be headed to PS5 and PC! Stay tuned for updates in May

Gravity Rush 2 pc


The scoop comes from 'Orangee' via the Team Alua Gravity Rush Discord server. Notably, Orangee previously leaked details about a Gravity Rush movie in development, later confirmed at CES.

Is Gravity Rush 2 Remaster coming to PS5 first, then PC 

According to the user, the Gravity Rush 2 Remaster will debut on PlayStation 5 first, with a PC release planned sometime afterward.

With Gravity Rush 2's presumed lack of commercial success, a remaster alongside the upcoming movie could be a strategic move to rejuvenate interest in the franchise.

Is it good move to launch a movie side by side?

The original Gravity Rush was remastered and globally released by February 10, 2016, receiving "generally favorable" reviews from critics.

Release Date of Gravity Rush 2 Pc ?