Goddess of the Sky Nut is the New Egyptian Hunter

On February 20, 2023, the second SMITE Update of the year was launched, titled "Goddess of the Sky."

New Egyptian Hunter – Nut

Nut serves as the progenitor of all creation, the guardian who leads mortals towards a tranquil afterlife, and the epitome of the sheltering sky.

In SMITE, Nut's visual identity stands out distinctly from Neith, her Egyptian Hunter counterpart, as well as from any other Hunter in the game.

About nut abilities

Nut summons a semi-global black hole, her most destructive weapon well able to crush a team fight.

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How to play nut?

Nut is designed to function as a Carry in the duo lane, but her versatility allows her to adapt to various item builds and roles within a team composition.