Ghost In The Machine Event: A Guide for Pokémon GO Players

What was the unexpected occurrence that caught pokemon Go players off guard on february 143, 2024?

The Ghost in the Machine research task  startled Pokémon GO players on February 13, 2024, only to swiftly disappear from the game thereafter.

This left people wondering what the mission really is .

The task went live, with players given almost 12 days to complete the task with a rather enigmatic description.

“Catch me if you can,” with 30 Rotom Candy as a reward. The post also notes, “Once Trainers at Rose Bowl Stadium decipher the code, Trainers worldwide can redeem it.”

What does the  task description reads?

How to redeem Ghost In The Machine Pokemon Go code

– Visit the official Pokemon Go redemption website . – Log in using the same credentials you use to access your Pokemon Go account. – Enter your offer code.

A message will pop up displaying the items added to your inventory, After you successfully redeem an offer code.