Get Ahead in Brawl Stars with the Melodie Value Pack -  See for Yourself!

The Brawl Stars Melody Value Pack lets players get the new brawler before its release date on April 4.

Cost of Brawl Stars Melodie Value Pack

In the USA, the pack costs $19.99 USD, while in Canada, players can get Melody for $27.99.

Players receive Melodie, along with the Happy Pin and GG Pin, to showcase their excitement for this new Brawler.

Day 1:

Day 2: 

2000 Coins are added to the player's inventory, along with the Thanks Pin, to express gratitude in-game.

Day 3: Unlock the Angry and Sad Pins to convey a range of emotions during intense battles.

Day 4: 2200 Power Points are provided, along with the Clap Pin for acknowledging impressive plays.

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