GameShark's AI-Powered Peripherals Set to Revolutionize Gaming

Remember Gameshark? if you were In the era of the OG PlayStation the name will ring a bell.

At that time in videogame history, we were all tapping in Gameshark codes into games to cheat our way to the end of Tomb Raider.

what gameshark really is?

The “decade in the making” relaunch of the hit products from the 90s and early 2000s that were called GameShark.

CEO Todd Hays was one of the guys who launched Gameshark back in the 90s and now heading up AI Shark.

New features of AI shark we can see.

It’s built with sensors which detects your grip, pressure, and button timing.

For new players, it’s like having an intuitive guide, while for veterans, it’s a tool that constantly evolves and fine-tunes itself to match their expertise.