From Zero to Hero: A Guide for Those New to The Finals

The Finals is an immensely enjoyable free-to-play game.

From classes of characters to gadgets you can be smart with, there’s a lot to the game that has a sharp learning point.

Considering that The makers of The Finals have been industry veterans who have worked on Battlefield

If you’re someone who’s up for a fast-paced game and thinks better on your feet, playing as Light is an absolutely right thing to do.

If you’d rather play more of a ‘support’ role, Medium and Heavy are here to be your friends.

Interestingly, you can skip out on kills and keep your teammates alive with a Healing Beam.

However, As a Heavy, you’re allowed to cause absolute havoc. Break walls/buildings with your Special Ability .

At its core, The Finals plays like Mirror’s Edge on steroids. You can jump through windows, mantle, slide etc.

Helpfull strategies used by many pros is You can make use of different weapons and explosives to break any sort of tangible object.