Friend Request Not Working in Helldivers 2, How to fix easily?

Unless you're truly not feeling it, engaging in video game sessions with friends typically proves more enjoyable than playing solo.


An increasing number of games necessitate an active internet connection, and if the server isn't functioning properly, it can hinder your gaming experience.

How to Solve Friend Request Not Working in Helldivers 2

There are several solutions for the "friend request not functioning" glitch in Helldivers 2, and they ought to address the problem with the friends list error as well.

1. Restart your game completely 

This includes closing any background applications and then trying to add the desired friend again.

2. Changing your Steam name to something new 

With a character limit of 3 to 16 and excluding special characters.

3. Wait for developer  

Arrowhead is working on fixing the issue with a hotfix, although they're currently addressing community concerns regarding game nerfs.