Fortnite Leak Points to Another Metal Gear character

A Fortnite dataminer found images of another Metal Gear character, Raiden, who will likely be coming to the game soon.

Which skin was introduced as an unlockable skin and when was it made available?

Fortnite recently introduced Metal Gear's Solid Snake character as an unlockable skin, and was available on January 23rd.

The skin can be unlocked in exchange for completing a set of challenges.

While this was already exciting news, fans just got even more exciting news regarding another popular character.

Fortnite dataminer Hypex found images that show Metal Gear's Raiden along with a themed weapon wrap .

It's not yet promising if the Raiden skin will be added to Fortnite's Item shop or added as an additional skin for battle pass owners .

When Raiden skin will be made available ? and is it official for it to come out?

It's not yet known, But it's more likely to come before Chapter 5: Season 1's conclusion on March 8th.