Fortnite FNCS Championship Series 2024 - Start Date, Prize Pool

The structure of the FCNS 2024 Major is different from previous years, with three Majors taking place between January and July.

New structure dates and time for thech ampionship

The structure will be the same for all three :

With an Open Qualifier where players will earn as many points as possible.

where will you compete according to your ranking on the leaderboard ?

This is followed by the Lower Semi-Finals Round 1 and Upper Semi-Finals Round 1.

This structure will take place over 5 weeks, with an 11-day bye week between the 2 Open Qualifiers and the rest of the tournament.

What’s this year’s prize pool?

This year, the total prize pool for all three Majors will be $7,675,000.

Although, How this money will be distributed among the winners has not yet been announced.

Where to watch the FNCS 2024?

We have several ways to watch the FNCS live either from the official website (at

Or from Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and even TikTok or from the Creative map called Legends Landing,