Fortnite Community Demands Train Overhaul: Players Speak Out

Fortnite Chapter 5's train landmark isn't as exciting as expected. Some fans feel it could be improved to add more interest to the game.

Fortnite's constant evolution brings new maps and modes, but Chapter 5's train feature feels underwhelming, leaving players wanting more excitement and creativity.

Is Fortnite's train feature underused in Chapter 5?

Reddit user Oxik_4 asks for suggestions to improve Fortnite's train feature. Despite exciting Chapter 5 changes, many players feel the train is lacking attention.

Fortnite Players Discuss Ways to Improve the Train

– A launch pad on the back of the train – Redesign the train each Season – A mod bench

Player Suggestions on How to Improve Fortnite's Train

– A turret – More track – A switch that allows players to control where the train goe

Epic Games sends surveys to Fortnite players for feedback. Asking about underused map features could reveal what players enjoy and where improvements are needed.

Could player surveys improve Fortnite's underused map features?

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