First Tournament Results shows Tekken 8's Top Fighters

Over Tekken 8’s launch weekend, a large tournament known as Frosty Faustings XVI wrapped up.

Devil Jin

Players were excited when Devil Jin was finally revealed since he was many gamers’ mains in Tekken 7.

Jack-8 may be slow, but he is super strong and great at a distance compared to many opponents.



Yoshimitsu isn’t usually found in the top of the tier lists or at major tournaments so it’s interesting to see him twice in the Top 32.


This popular character can deal a lot of damage and is known for his long, impactful combos when in the right hands.

Frosty Faustings XVI Tekken 8 Character

• King - 1 • Zafina - 1

• Hwoarang - 1 • Xiaoyu - 1

• Nina - 1 • Leo - 1 • Shaheen - 1