Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Book Unveils Surprising Detail About Cloud's Father 

Cloud Strife, the brooding protagonist of Final Fantasy VII and its remakes, boasts a complex backstory. 

ABOUT main character's father

Despite growing up in Nibelheim, joining SOLDIER, and encountering Sephiroth, Cloud Strife's father remains a mystery even after nearly 30 years.

Both Glenn and Cloud share similar physical traits, being blondes with blue-green eyes, and their timelines could potentially align.

The theory

Glenn is depicted as an adult in The First Soldier, while Cloud was just a child at that time, making it unlikely for Glenn to be Cloud's father.

What did Cloud and his mother receive from his father?

Cloud and his mother both received 2000 gil each from the wallet left behind by his father, totaling 4000 gil.

In The First Soldier, Glenn owes his teammate Matt 4000 gil, mirroring the amount Cloud and his mother received from his father's wallet in Final Fantasy VII.