Ff7 rebirth check how to skip chapter 1 easily

"Completing the FF7 Rebirth Nibelheim Demo not only grants items but also enables you to bypass a section of Chapter 1 entirely."

Luckily, enabling this time-saving bonus isn't very difficult - you just have to enable it!

Ff7 rebirth how to skip chapter 1 

Here's how to enable it

1. Complete the FF7 Rebirth Nibelheim demo (you do not need to have completed the Junon portion)

2. Go to the main menu of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth 3. Choose "Bonuses" - the fifth option.

4. Choose to "Check Saved Data."

5. You should be notified of any rewards and your ability to skip the Nibelheim portion.

"This feature allows you to skip a segment of Chapter 1, so keep an eye out for a notification as you progress through the demo."