Fans Stunned by Fallout Announcement for Xbox Series X

The new Amazon series based on Fallout is coming soon, and it looks really awesome! Fans are excited to see it.

Fallout Announcement : Xbox Series X

In April, there's another treat for Fallout fans: Fallout: London! It's a fresh adventure made by a group of passionate modders. Exciting times ahead!

Official announcement :

Microsoft just announced a special Fallout Xbox! It's a cool Xbox Series X that's designed with a Fallout theme, and it even comes with its own vault.

I won't lie.. the vault looks dope," one fan wrote on Twitter. Sadly, you can't buy this cool Fallout Xbox, but there's a chance you could win one for free if you're lucky.

How to enter?

To get a chance to win, all you have to do is follow the official Xbox Twitter account and retweet their message. Easy as that!

Fallout launch date:

Next month, both the Amazon Fallout series and Fallout: London release. Enter the competition to win the special Xbox and enjoy watching the series from your new vault!