Fans Left Stunned by New GTA 6 IRL Trailer

Grand Theft Auto VI is set to launch next year and while that may feel a long way off yet, it’s nice to know that we’re on the final countdown.

What impressed the Grand Theft Auto fanbase?

“Real life could use a graphics upgrade. Maybe add ray tracing while at it,”

It’s well known by now that Vice City is inspired by Miami, Florida, with GTA VI’s original trailer paying homage to several viral Florida-based incidents .

Vice city is inspired by?

Who is hammer women 

‘Hammer woman’ to the guy with the alligator, these are all iterations of real life individuals.

Now a month and 172 million views later, the hype has slowly died down but that hasn’t stopped fans from hitting Reddit

Do you think it will be possible to have a pet in GTA VI?

It wasn’t long before other fans chimed in and it seems as though a pet alligator is at the top of everybody’s wishlist.