Fans Call for Elliot Page to Replace Ezra Miller in The Flash: Here's Why

In the wake of fan backlash and James Gunn's DC universe reboot, Ezra Miller will not reprise his role as The Flash in upcoming adaptations.

The Flash dies in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Given the allegations of abuse and grooming against the actor, and the overall feeling among fans that he wasn't the right fit for the role, it's unlikely many will mourn his departure.

With Milly Alcock joining as Supergirl in "House of Dragon," fans are buzzing with excitement and considering new casting options for The Flash.

However, opinions on casting decisions can vary widely among fans.

“Elliot would make a great Ezra replacement,” responded one fan after seeing the suggested cast replacement.

As another fan noted, despite Page's remarkable qualifications, certain individuals might argue that DC is "virtue signalling" with his casting.

Nevertheless, we're not swayed by the outrage from some fans and still hope Page can portray The Flash someday.

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