Fallout: Vault 13 Remake Revealed - Here's What to Expect

Try the remake of the first game for more fun. It's popular, but not as much as The Last Of Us.

Try the Bethesda RPGs. Before replaying New Vegas, Fallout 4, or Fallout 76, check out the stunning remake of the first game. 

Watching the Fallout TV series?

There's a remake of the first Fallout game called Fallout: Vault 13. They're making it with the same tools used for Fallout 4. It's not finished yet, but they're working on a demo for fans to try.

Is Fallout: Vault 13 a worthy remake?

If you've played the first Fallout game, you'll notice it hasn't aged well. Before Fallout 3, the games were top-down RPGs, quite different from today's 3D environments.

Fallout 2 stands out as a title ripe for a contemporary remake, considering the growing list of games that could benefit from modern revitalization.

Fallout 2 remake teased in beautiful new trailer

Newer Fallout games often steal the spotlight, but the sequel to the original is underrated and long overdue for a remake.

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